Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day 1

This is my daughter Maddy, and she's rollin' into the new year in style!

Happy New Year!

My goal with this shot was to blur out the background while keeping my beautiful daughter and her sweet ride in focus to give the illusion that she had the pedal to the metal! I might have had less trouble getting this shot had I done a little research but I like to experiment on my own. I feel as though I learn things better this way. I had experimented with a shot similar to this the day before with decent results and so I knew going into it I was going to need a fairly slow shutter speed.

 I started off at 1/20 (I forget what I set the aperture to). The shot was lit properly but I didn't get as much blurring of the background as I had wished. I found that going any slower than this introduced too much light, even with my aperture set to F36. I was a little perplexed at what to try next. Fortunately I remembered that I had a neutral density filter (0.9) sitting very lonely in my gear bag. I promptly screwed that on and went to work.

It took a little experimenting with the shutter speed and aperture but I finally settled on 1/6th of second @ F22. I had my 18-55mm lens set at 40mm. It wasn't until writing this info down tonight that I realized I had the ISO set at 100. I'm thinking I should have set it just a little higher but I don't believe it affected the shot too much. I could be wrong, though.

I knew from the very beginning that I wanted my daughter to be the main subject in my first photo of this blog. She is an amazing inspiration to me and every time I see her I want to just start snapping photos! Sometimes I wish I had a camera in my glasses and I could just record every moment of her life. I imagine these fleeting moments are what makes life so special.

This photo is very much bittersweet. On one hand I love seeing her growing up and explore the world. On the other hand, this photo reminds me just how much she is growing up. Normally I will walk around with her while she is "driving" and make sure she doesn't run into anything or drive out into the road. I'm right by her side to keep her safe. I do know that one day, too soon, she will be driving a real car and I won't be able to be right next to her to make sure she's safe. It's a slightly terrifying thought, but I know we all grow up and have to leave the nest. For now, though, I'm going to hold my little girl as close as I can.

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